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Coloring Your Prayers by Carolyn Manzi - Signed by the author


Coloring Your Prayers - An Inspirational Coloring Book For Making Dreams Come True, by Carolyn Manzi - Signed by the author

Giving adults the freedom to "play with art," this unusual coloring book explores creative self-expression as a pathway to meditation and prayer.

Remember the quiet meditative experience of time spent with coloring books when you were a child? Here's a way to replicate and deepen that experience. Coloring Your Prayers shows us how to get back in touch with our playfulness and prayerfulness by using crayons, paints, beads, or any objects we find appealing. It suggests ways of creating art to honor God and celebrate our spirit. It teaches how coloring can relax and free us to find our own intuitive process. Its inventive drawings and magical words become treasure maps for discovering our own divine nature.

In addition to fanciful illustrations to color, Carolyn Manzi provides an abundance of inspirational tips for praying passionately; choosing and using prayer beads; making prayer cards with personal daily affirmations; creating altars; designing prayer robes, scarves, and pillows; and hosting prayer parties. To enhance the creative mood, she offers a diverse discography of great music to color by that brings us into communion with our sacred selves.